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The GreenSheet combines voices across campus to provide candor about life in and out of the classroom at The Ellis School. Each post is thoughtfully prepared by a member of the Ellis community.


  • Macon Finley, Head of School

    Building Confidence by Tussling Creatively with Challenges

    As you certainly have figured out by now if you’ve read earlier messages from me, I remain very enthusiastic about, and committed to, our mission at Ellis, which is to educate girls and young women to become bold, authentic, intellectually vibrant changemakers. We strive to have this mission at the core of everything we do at Ellis. To achieve that goal, we spend a lot of time thinking about what we ask of students to do, and how we work with them to support their success.
  • Katie Johnson, Director of Athletics

    Sports Are a ‘Crash Course’ for Helping Female Athletes Tackle Real World Challenges

    In the world of sports, female athletes face unique challenges that often reflect broader issues like gender inequality and breaking stereotypes. At Ellis, the skills acquired on the field or the court, and through work with coaches and teammates, complements the problem-solving, time-management, and collaborative work skills learned in the classroom.

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