Upper School

Grades 9 through 12
The Upper School offers a rigorous, college preparatory academic experience for girls entering high school grades 9 to 12.

Growing Bold Changemakers

The high school years are such an exciting and crucial time in a girl’s life. As your daughter heads toward college and adulthood, you want her to be not only prepared, but ready to seize those next adventures with confidence and enthusiasm.
At Ellis, we have created a unique program that builds all the muscles girls need, not only to be successful, but to be intellectually powerful, confident young women who are ready and excited to make a real impact on the world.

Authentic and Passionate

During these adolescent years, girls thrive when they have agency over what they study and how they spend their time. Our high school curriculum and extracurricular programs provide many chances for students to explore a wide range of possible interests and have opportunities to pursue their passions more deeply.
We are fully committed to the value of learning in a community in which there is no one way to be. Our students are surrounded by diverse classmates with different life experiences, perspectives, and interests. There is no one way to be at Ellis, and Ellis girls don’t get pigeon-holed because of their personalities or interests.

Confident Voices

Perhaps the most magic happens at Ellis as girls are challenged and expected to own their voices—to speak up in class, to argue their positions, to present their learning, to perform on stage, to recognize and say something when they see injustice around them.
Ellis girls are bold, in all the best ways: they take appropriate risks in the classroom, on the playing field, on the stage, and in the art studio. Their resulting confidence is palpable. At the same time, our warm and inclusive community creates a culture of great respect, kindness, and mutual support. Ellis girls believe in themselves, and they believe in each other.

What is the Upper School Like?